The latest information

  1. The case of IDA pension for second spell of service is listed on dated 19-7-2013
  2. The  case of dearness pension for the period from 1-4-2004 to 31-12-2005 is listed on dated 10-7-2013
  3. The case of full parity on 20 years service since 1-1-2006 with associate group is listed on dated  25-7-2013
  4. The case of omission of pro-rata in rule 37, para-3 and 37A, sub-rule-8 of CCS Pension rule-1972 is in process of filing in the CAT-Delhi . As date declared , the same will be intimated.
  5. The case of providing membership in the MTNL GPF Fund/Trust ( which is incorporated since 24-3-2005 ) is in process of filing in the CAT-Delhi .  As date announce , the same will be intimated .
  6. The information is yet to receive from Commissioner Income-Tax regarding Income tax rebate on the amount provisioned for pension contribution .
  7. The case of reserves/ deposits which is to be deposited in the Pension Fund is in process to file in the High Court.

Be united against the victimization and for achieving of common goal of pro-rata pensioner

The truth may be an attempt to murder but it shall never die

The work shop will be conducted in the third week of June-2013 and join for further line of action of the members of Pro-Rata Pensioners Association

It is assured , the day of winning is waiting for you

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