New Updates(1-9-2013)


  1. WS filed by the council of DOT on dated 27-8-2013 in the case of IDA-Pension for second spell of service after absorption in the MTNL. The next date in the CAT is 6-11-2013.
  2. The IDA-Pension for MTNL (PSU) service is the constitutional right of the absorbed govt. servant who opted pro-rata pension for the service rendered to the DOT ( under rule 37, CCS-Pension rule 1972 ).
  3. The WS of MTNL is still awaited in the case of IDA-Pension.
  4. The next date of dearness pension claim from 1-4-2004 to 31-12-2005 is 6-9-2013 in CAT-Delhi.
  5. The case of MTNL GPF trust is on legal proceeding in the CAT-DELHI .
  6. The case of modify parity  to remove the para-5 of order dated 28-1-2013 is in legal process at CAT-DELHI . The case of full parity between post and after 1-1-2006 retiree is referred by Punjab High Court to CAT to consider within the period of four months . There can  be no discrimination on the basis of date ( 1-1-2006).
  7. The GOM considered the case of pension payment at par with BSNL (under rule 37A ) as information listen from the sources . It means that rule 37A shall be taken back to 31-10-1998 . It is to be reviewed for all absorbee of DOT , otherwise the legal course of action  will be taken at the level of PRPA.
  8. The obsolete copper cables are to be recovered by forming TASK FORCE in MTNL . It will cover most of the expenditure of MTNL.
  9. Some particular officers are victimizing to the General Secretary of PRPA for stopping of this noble cause to fight for the right of Pro-Rata Pension Optee. It is herewith assured that , the movement will become more strong for this constitutional right .
  10. Now the time has come , that the every pro-rata optee (in service or retiree) is to become the member of PRPA  to support the struggle .    

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