Update of Information

Update of information on dated 11-11-2013

  1. The next date of DP is listed on dated 27-11-2013 and ministry of finance did not submit the counter reply till now.
  2.  The next date of claiming IDA-PENSION for second spell of service is listed on dated 20-12-2013 and MTNL did not submit the counter reply till now.
  3. The next date of modify parity in contempt is listed on dated 27-11-2013 at CAT-DELHI and SLP for review by UOI in supreme court listed on dated 12-11-2013 & 15-11-2013.
  4. The MTNL GPF TRUST case is listed on next week for admission in CAT-Delhi.
  5. In reference to cabinet approval for pension at par with BSNL, the rule-37A will come in force since 31-10-1998 and sub-rule 21 & 22 of rule 37A is to amend . In such a case , any amendment come into force since the retrospective date , it shall be applicable to all absorbed  of DOT employees apart from the earlier option of pension. Means herewith , all shall get the opportunity to change the option of combined service pension. It is earlier happened in the case of ministry of agriculture in 1993 ( the paid pro-pension with interest adjusted in commutation amount, the paid gratuity with interest adjusted in the final gratuity at the time of retirement and no issue of leave encashment ). All this right raised only for those permanent govt. servant who recruited by the GOI under pensionable service and covered under the CCS PENSION RULE-1972.
  6. By collecting every drop of water will become pond or sea which serve to the universe for ever. Means it becomes the obligation of every absorbed permanent govt. servant in MTNL who opted pro-rata pension for the service rendered to the GOI , to join the PRPA to achieve goal and strengthening the unity.
  7. GS visited the MUMBAI and attended the work shop at Prabhadevi telephone exchange, explained the grounds on the basis of which filed the cases in the court. Sh. A.K.Kaushik GS-TEAM  has also joined the work shop and assured the executives that he will also fight for restoration of option for combined pension and cooperate with PRPA on this important issue.
  8. GS-PRPA is also again submitting the proposal for the formation of “ TASK FORCE” to recover the obsolete copper cable which is laying under gound( the gold of MTNL) and estimated value of 500 crores may be achieved if seriously work done on this matter.
  9. For the long survival of MTNL , the fibre to home (FTTH) is to reached at point of every subscriber without delay of single day. PRPA appeal to every employee of MTNL kindly contribute to achieve this goal.
  10. The workshop will  organize in the Delhi and Mumbai unit soon and so many people of different ministry are contacting to the GS on these issue.