update ( 26-1-2014 )

1.”Happy “Republic Day ” to all members of the PRPA

2. The time is asked to meet to MOC&IT Kapil Sibal with delegation of PRPA.

3. The apprehention of rule 37A  and removal of para-5 of letter dated 28-1-13 are submitted to the DOPT.

4. The PRPA is fighting for justice for the absorbed DOT employee who opted for pro-rata pension under rule-37.

5. No doubt the way of court is just long but you will get justice one day. The unity is required to fight for this battle.

New Update

update on dated 17-1-2014

1. Due to non availability of one member, the contempt for modify parity date 15-1-2014 is refixed on 12-2-2014.

2. The complete body of executive is in motion to submit the memorandum for option of combined pension under rule-37A to the department of pension and department of telecommunication.

3. Every pro-rata pensioners have to unite and ready to attend the call of GS-PRPA for submitting the memorandum to the MOC Sh. Kapil Sibbal.

4. The message will be communicated through web site and poster.

5. The cases of DP,Second spell IDA pension,Modify parity,Removal of para-5 from order dated 28-1-2013, membership of MTNL gpf trust etc. will remain in proceeding and unchanged. 

New Update

Updation on dated 14-1-2014

1. PRPA called it’s executive meeting at DSIDC committee hall New Delhi and the decision taken by all attended members ” the memorandum for demanding the option to be provided to all pro­ rata pensioners to change for combined pension under Rule­37-A ,in case  of ammendment in rule 37-A , sub rule ­22 of CCS Pension Rule 1972 from retrospective date resulting due to approval of cabinet regarding payment of pension of absorbed DOT employees in MTNL at par with BSNL”. The PRPA axtend the appreciation to every body who participated in this movement.

2. Listed case of DP on dated 10­-1­-2014 , GOI submitted the counter reply without annexure in the Pr. CAT Delhi and raised the Rule­55 & 33 of CCA Pension Rule 1972 and qouted the letter dated 27-­1-­2005 and OA is listed on dated 11­-2­-2014. The rejoinder will be submitted soon and counter of all points raised already filed with petition . The blessing of the members are with PRPA executive body to succeed in this case.

3. The members of the PRPA are to be unite for the great struggle of pension issue and not to be confused from other sources . Those pro­rata pension holders who are in service or retired and having the like minded approach with PRPA line of action, may join or at least pray to the GOD the team of PRPA must succeed in this hard work struggle . The criticism without struggle expected to be avoided.

4. The notice to remove the para­ 5 of letter dated 28-­1-­2013 ,is being sent to DOPT and further preparation to file the OA at Pr.CCA­Delhi.

5. Two comrade Sh. V.Padmanathan and Sh.A.C.Kumar are nominated as co­ordinator for PRPA for Mumbai Unit.

6. GS­PRPA requests to all the pro­rata pension holders to support this hard struggle and avoidany type of criticism or rumour against this struggle without any contributing in it.


Kindly provide the moral and spiritual power to GS­PRPA to fight this struggle for the pro­rata pension holders who are discriminated in past.