New updation

updation on dated 5-2-2014

1. The Govt. of India announced the seventh pay commission under retired cheif justice Ashok Kumar Mathur and the memorandum will be submitted to the commission by the PRPA regarding pro-rata pensioners as the suitable time  come.

2. The letter of entitlement of ammendment in rule 37A from the retrospective date has submitted to the Secy of P&PW. The grievance is registered as DOPPW/P/2014/00309 and trnasferred to DDG-PG & Estt. for examining the case. The PRPA will soon submitt representation with documentation to DDG-PG & Estt. The representation has already submitted to Sh. Kapil Sibal.

3. The date of supreme court adjourned to 22nd april 2014 of modify parity.

4. The preparation for argument in case of Dearness Pension is final on the part of PRPA which is listed on dated 11-2-2014. With unite pray of every pro-rata pensioner to suceed in this case resultinf in favor of PRPA.

5. The notification of rule 37A has not issued by Department of P&PW till the date.

6. GS of PRPA is offering to unite every pro-rata pensioner to participate this revolutionary movement without any hasitation & fear. It is your battle and you have to struggle for justice for your self. Kindly You do not  depend on others who will fight for you. If you fight for youself then others may support. All pro-rata pensioners in service or retired be unite and support to PRPA for this struggle.

7. The case of second speel service is listed on dated 17-2-2014.   

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