New Update

update on 3-3-2014

1.In case of DP listed on dated 25-2-2014, the govt submitted WS with annexure and now we have to file the rejoinder upto 18-3-2014.

2.In case of GPF,it is listed on 22-3-2014

3.In case of IDA pension for second spell of service in mtnl,it is listed on 31-3-2014. The MA has filed for the change of address of corporate office to service the cat direction given to the cmd office.

4.In case of modify parity, the contempt is listed on 5-3-2014.

5.The representation to remove the para-5 has submitted to dopt in time and after the final decision along with order issued on modify parity ,the objection will be submitted to dopt and further moved to delhi ( in case the grievances not resolved of pro-rata pension holder).

6.After issueing the notification of pension paid by govt by ammending rule-37A or notification issued on election,the PRPA will file the objection to the ddg-est&pg at DOT on ignoring the pro-rata pensioners. The fresh two OA will be filed :1) according to para 5B of govt order dated 29-8-1984 in case of ammendment of rule-37A from the retrospective date, it is the constitutional right of pro-rata pension holders to change the option of pension for combined service.2) according to govt decision , 60% of pension liability will be beared by govt for the service rendered to the central govt for the absorbed DOT employees in MTNL. if modify parity benefit not provided to the pro-rata pensioners, then, pay the 60% IDA pension on the last pay drawn at the time of retirement from MTNL for the service rendered to the DOT to the DOT employee absorbed in mtnl along with EPF for mtnl service because we are recruited by the DOT in pensionable service. Otherwise, it would be the discimination between the absorbee and voilation of article-14 of contitution of India.

7. In case of IDA pension paid by govt through DOT , the MA will be filed in for the payment will be made of IDA pension for second spell of service by govt at par with other absorbee of dot in mtnl.   

8. The comments are invited from the members of PRPA particularly for para-5 & 6 and e mail to the GS PRPA, thereafter the decision may be taken for legal action.

9. So many time, it is submitted to the pro-rata pension holder that you have supported to  all unions and associations on the issue of pension paid by govt at par with BSNL to the combined pensioners but no issue taken up of pro-rata pensioners. If you are confident and ready to fight for your legitimate or constitutional right, then , you may join the PRPA. Otherwise you will be the great looser in the life.

10. “To fight for your right with non-voilance way of judiciary is constitutional”

        ” Paap karna galat hai to paap sahna us se bhi bada galat hai”

        ” Now it is proved that you have to unite to achieve you constitutional right” 

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