New update (14-3-2014)

                    “Malik(GOD) hai tere sath , to  kanyo dreh gameh dil

                           Mahnat kare insan to kaya kaam hai muskil”

            “Be have faith on your decision and work to execute the decision”

1. Hearing is completed in the case of contempt of modify parity in delhi and next listed on dated 25-3-2014

2. PRPA cases:- a)DP-case listed on 18-3-2014. b)GPF enrollment-case listed on 22-3-2014.c). c)IDA pension for second spell of service-case listed on 31-3-2014.

3. The modify application is being filed in the case of IDA pension for second spell of service for the payment of IDA pension to be paid by govt of India in place of pension trust after issuing of notification on dated 3-3-2014 being central govt. employee absorbed in psu e.i.MTNL. It is your constitution right.

4. After issuing of notification on dated 3-3-2014, the pro-rata optees are completely ignored while in case of group-C & D ,the rule-37A is extended in place of 37 ( in which absorbed) from retrospective date and in case of group-A & B, the sub rule- 22,23,24 of 37A is amended in place of rule-37(in which absorbed and exercised option of pro-rata) from retrospective date. The letter is being written to DDG-Est & PG to DOT with the submission of pro-rata pensioners. If needful, the legal cause of action will be taken with the consideration of executive members regarding the provision of option for combined IDA pension as per the govt. guide line already available.

5. The CGHS facility is to be extended to pro-rata pensioners on last pay drawn on IDA at the time of retirement.

6. The members have joined the PRPA with their own will and no force has imposed, along with authorization of court cases to fight with bearing of legal expenses in the interest of pro-rata pensioners in MTNL and cases are filed.

7. The employees recruited by PSU(MTNL) are covered in the EPF and the employee recruited by DOT in the pensionable service transferred to absorbed in the MTNL are eligible for IDA pension for second spell of service as per option letter at the time of absorption and crystal clear in the notification issued on dated 3-3-2014.

8. The pro-rata pensioners are adversely affected after issuing notification  on dated 3-3-2014.

9. Any pro-rata pensioner in MTNL may join the legal battle of PRPA with his own will for constitution right of pro-rata pensioners .

10. The pro-rata pensioners are ignored and victimized at every level and now they have the own platform to fight for their legal and constitutional right.

11. “Be unite and have wait for the result”

12. Happy Holi to the family of our members and pray for fruitful future.   

One thought on “New update (14-3-2014)

  1. Wish discrimination against pre-2006 pensioners is checked quickly and they may be given the same treatment which has been allowed to post-2006 retirees vide para 5.3 of OM dated02-09-08.We have to approach our worthy Prime Minister who is a great visionary and justice loving person.

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