New Update

1. The executive meeting held on dated 20-4-2014 and decision to file the MA in the of second spell of service IDA pension has taken.

2. The case of less than ten years service in DOT may be filed after the OM issued by the DOT and thereafter the case will come under merit and limitation.

3. As learned, the Secy. DOT has marked the file for financial implication for option to pro-rata optee to the member finance.

4. Earlier it is cleared that aim of the PRPA is not to collect the money at all. The legal contribution is collected to bear the legal expenses for the cases filed in the court with the object, there should not be burden on few who are fighting to raise the issue for constitutional right and against the discrimination on the violationof article-14 of constitution of India.

5. The main object of PRPA to establish the consensus among all unions, associations, corporate office and DOT in the interest of pro-rata optee and thanks to all.

6. The rumour is blowing to defame the PRPA that it is collecting money. As the final decision of court in all the filed cases will come out , the statement of expenditure & income will be displayed and any remaining amount collected on account of legal expenses will be returned back to members.

7. In case of organisational efforts are failed , the PRPA is already in court of law for legal right and will achieve the target with sincere positive result for its members.

8. The rejoinder is being filed in DP case. The case gpf is listed on 2-7-2014, the case contempt in modify parity is listed on 30-4-2014, the case of 20 years service for full pension is listed on 24-5-2014.

9. Thanks to all who supported the PRPA for legal fight and be unite.  

New Update

1. “jab karyapalika vidhayika ko najar andaj kare to nayaypalika tark sangat hai”

2. It is herewith very much clear to all that PRPA is social organisation and registered under societies act. It works in the interest of it’s members, MTNL and Govt. of India. The PRPA raises the issues in various Courts, CVC, CAT and required level plateform in the interest of it’s members, MTNL and Govt. of India. Some of the respected employee of MTNL treat the PRPA as other administrative union or association which are registered under union act . These are working with differrent manner to become the majority position in election . It is in the history of NTR and WTR, PRPA united the all unions & association of Delhi & Mumbai on the issue of pension alongwith filing of cases in Delhi CAT for pro-rata pensioners. So the PRPA is social organisation and will work for long without seeking any election for majority.

3. The modify parity case of contempt at Delhi CAT is adjourned to 30-4-2014. The Govt appeal in three other case on modify parity is listed on 22-4-2014 at supreme court. The DP case is listed on 1-5-2014 and rejoinder will be submitted soon by PRPA. The case of IDA pension for second spell of service in MTNL is listed on 12-5-2014 and MA will be filed soon on payment of IDA pension for second spell of service to be paid by Govt of India after commencement of GOI of dated 3-3-2014 in place of MTNL. The case of GPF in place of CPF/EPF to pro-rata pensioner is listed on 2-7-2014.

4. The ADG(PG-III) of DOT send a letter which recieved on 09-4-2014 regarding representation on option for combined pension to pro-rata pensioners, to GS-PRPA and required some papers for action. It is assured herewith that PRPA is working in the contitutional way with sincere efforts and ready to support to every person on this issue to resolve.

5. GS-PRPA met two times in this month with Sh Kapil Sibal who reflected the positive attitude on this issue of option for combined pension.

6. Some of the members, who are having less than 10 years service & not getting pro-rata pension , are interested to fight separately. The PRPA appreciate this thought.