New Update


  1. Congratulation to BJP for absolute majority in the parliamentary election-2014.
  2. The case DP is listed on 15-7-2014 and reply is being submitted before date.
  3. The case of IDA pension for second spell of service on the completion of qualifying pensionable service of ten years in MTNL is listed on dated 22-7-2014. The PRPA is submitting the MA before this date and become very much strong on the basis of documentary evidence for this right . All the members must be united for positive result on the basis of merit  & limitation in this case which will establish the history.
  4. The case of GPF is listed on 2-7-2014.
  5. The appeal of Govt. of India is dismissed by Supreme Court in the case of modify parity and on dated 15-5-2014 , in  the PB Delhi in contempt of modify parity case , the direction has passed the decision of modify parity will be implemented within three months. The case of 20 years of full parity is listed on dated 25-5-2014 as conveyed by Sh. Pratap Narain to GS-PRPA.
  6. PRPA is waiting for OM to be issued in case of payment of modify parity . In case, the reduction is again introduced on the basis of pro-rata in the minimum revised pension, the PRPA has already submitted its objection to the DOPT. If required, the new OA will be filed to the PB-Delhi.
  7. GS-PRPA will visit the Mumbai unit in August-2014 for detail explaination the status of cases and pray to Siddhi Vinayak and Mahalaxmi for the success of issue raised by PRPA.
  8. PRPA is submitting the constitutional right of its members to the Chairman of 7th CPC before 31-5-2014, for modify parity in sixth CPC without any hurdle, complete parity in seventh CPC ( pro-rata pension on CDA for service rendered to the central govt. means pension for first spell of service, even it’s the right under Rule-17 ),Dearness Pension to Pro-rata pension holder , not the violation of Rule-55 and any other benefit released at par with other pensioners of central Govt.
  9. Some of the executives of MTNL are victimizing to the GS-PRPA in different manner, but GS assures to all members that with unity of members , all issues will be achieved.  

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