New Update

1. The case of GPF enrolment of the pro-rata pensioners is listed on dated 3-9-2014 at Pr.CAT-Delhi.

2. After submission of reply in the case of DP, the matter is again listed on dated 6-8-2014 at Pr.Bench CAT-Delhi for final hearing and arguments. The expert and senior council with the regular council will produce the facts and argue for PRPA.

3. In the case of modify parity , the order for payment is still awaited from the govt. and expected the para-5 will remove from this order for natural justice for pro-rata pensioners.

4. In case of 20 years and pro-rata pensioners, Sh.Partap Narain conveyed by e-mail to GS-PRPA that the tact ticks to delay of Govt. council is checked in the CAT and observed seriously . The case is listed in the middle of Aug-2014 and required affidavite has also submitted.

5. In case of second spell IDA pension to be paid by Pr.CCA-DOT, the CAT ordered to the council of PRPA the copy of the reply and MA is also submitted to the respondents. The CAT also debarred the MTNL on ex-parte , causing the too much opportunity given to MTNL to submit its part. The PRPA council followed the direction of the CAT and issued the the copy of the reply and MA to the respondents. The case is listed for final hearing and argument on dated 19-8-2014 at Pr CAT double bencth. The senior and expert council along with regular council will argue for the PRPA.

6. The GS-PRPA is ready for filing the case if the para-5 is induced in the order of modify parity . In case of opportunity of combined pension is not provided , GS- PRPA will file the case in Pr.CAT-Delhi in Oct-2014.

7. It is requested to all the members that be unite and support the working of PRPA. Despite of the victimisation to the GS-PRPA with different means,but GS is strongly working for PRPA in the interest of the pro-rata pensioners on the basis of members unity.

New Update

1. clarification of objection as suggested and same is being submitted to DOT

a) there is a continuation link before the 1-4-1986 , the compassionate appointment after 1-4-1986 is done by NTR & WTR in MTNL against the deceased permanent employee in DOT appointed before 1-4-1986.

b) the temporary service in DOT before 1-4-1986, which was regularised in MTNL after 1-4-1986 and before 1-11-1998.

2. DOT has issued the letter to GS-PRPA with the following remarks in the case of option for combined pension refer to regtn no. DOPPW/P/2014/00309.

a) the grievance of PRPA is partially accepted

b) “Policy issue under consideration and the final decision is likely to take time. Case may be closed please.”

c) PRPA is objecting that case may not be closed till the issue is under consideration and also issueing the legal notice to DOT & DOPT.

3. The reply is submitted with the clarification of rule-55A(2) in case of DP.

4. The MA is filed based on modification of rule 37a from retrospective date 1-10-2000 at par with BSNL and concentrate the CCA-DOT is paying pension on CDA as well as IDA pay scale. Why is the IDA pension not paid for second spell of service on the completion of qualifying service of 10 years to the absobed DOT employee in MTNL by CCA-DOT under rule 37 and para 5(a) of OM dated 29-8-1984 which is in existance even in court.

5. The next date of GPF contribution is 3-9-2014.
” again and again apeal –be unite to achieve the target”

New Update

1. GM-HR is sorting out the list of pro-rata optee who has less than 10 years service and as the list is finalise then the same will be submitted to DOT.

2. The reply of DP case and MA in second spell IDA pension is ready and will be filed in first week of july-2014.

3. The OM dated 29-8-1984 is still in existence in which para-5(a) & (b) provides both the option for retention of pro-rata with second spell IDA pension or option for combined pension by depositing the drawn pro-rata with interest which may be adjusted in commutation amount.

4. The membership contribution for year 2013 & 2014 may be asked for in the month of august-2014.

5. No doubt the legal path is long but it becomes mile stone for others.

6. As per OM dated 28-4-2014 of DOT, the IDA pension will be paid by CCA and MTNL jointly and first time in INDIA.

7. The apprehensions and grievances are submitted to the 7th CPC, 78.2% merging letter submitted to the CMD MTNL, Bonus to be paid to MTNL employees, FTTH service to be introduced to compete the 4G.