New Update


  1. DP case listed on dated 6-8-2014 and adjourned to 12-8-2014, respondent submitted the application for RFA. Next date for listing is 11-9-2014 and senior council will attend.
  2. Second spell IDA pension case listed on 19-8-2014. MTNL submitted the counter just one day before the date. Next date for hearing on MA listed on 7-10-2014. Senior council Sh.M.K.Bhardwaj will argue with supporting decisions. This case is very important for PRPA. The judge in case of DP raised, why the pro-rata is not to be deducted from the final pension received from MTNL at the time super annuation retirement ? then GS replied in the court , the govt is not paying the final pension to we . The court surprised.
  3. The case of GPF enrolment is listed on 3-9-2014 which is supporting the the case of second spell IDA pension.
  4. Modify parity, the govt is asking three months more time for implimentation and on other side three remaining SLP listed for hearing in supreme court on dated 16-9-2014. The govt is planing to pay the arrear to S-29 only who are in the court.
  5. As informed by our member Com. Sh. Mange Ram, who is doing organisational efforts for one time option for combined pension , informed that he met the member services,Director establishment-DOT, Director-HR, CMD-MTNL regarding resolving the issue. The DOT and DOPT in principle agree for one time option for combined pension , but want to clarify the position of less than ten years service in DOT case. It is expected ,the reply from CMD-MTNL will be forwarded with in two or three days. There is also the pressure of court case of PRPA.
  6. The PRPA filed the case of second spell IDA pension with constitutional right which opens the way of second spell IDA pension or combined pension option in the court. It is not the mercy appeal which may be rejected in the court at any moment. No doubt, it is time consuming , but you will get justice.
  7. GS-PRPA along with team and councils doing the efforts to resolve the issue in the favour of pro-rata pensioners. The detailed information may not be provided on the web site, causing the respondents also watch the site to reply or counter in the court. GS is coming on 19-9-2014 to Mumbai to share the current status. Any other member in Delhi may contact to GS on telephone or mail from 19.00 hrs to 20.00hrs. At any cost, the unity should not be broken. While some people are trying to do so. The PRPA has no political agenda and not paticipating any election of union. We are fighting only for constitution right and natural justice.

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