New Update

1.GS visited the Mumbai on dated 19&20 september 2014, and discussed the status of all the cases pending in Pr.CAT-Delhi in detail .

2.The members of Mumbai unit supported the case of modify parity with removal of para-5 and option of combined pension to be filed soon.

3.PRPA is preparing the list of members for ready submission in the court as and when demanded by the respondant or court.

4.One opportunity will be provided to become member of PRPA with the approval of executive meeting.

5.The membership for the year 2013 and 2014 is pending .The additional expenditure for filing of new cases will also be put up in the executive meeting.

6.It is a new trend of court that the relief will be extended to the members of association or who come to the court.

7.GS request to all members be unite .