New Update: 16/12/2014

It is concluded herewith that maximum pro-rata pensioners are not willing to go with combined pension option but they are willing to achieve the target of modify parity (with 20 years case) and second spell IDA pension. Because they want to remain with CDA pension like ITS with having the interpetation that it covers under the Central Pay Commission Report. No doubt IDA pension is dependent on the contribution of MTNL in future after retirement. This is a new opinion concept which considerable in the new coming dates in CAT. This is the time to unite and every part of the union & association attracting to the pro-rata pensioners who are in majority in MTNL Delhi unit.

One thought on “New Update: 16/12/2014

  1. It is a good development. Whether PRPA has any idea of bringing the absorbee’s ,who have counted their service already, under pro rata pension by changing their option so that they also can get maximum pension benefit.

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