New Update (23/1/2015)

1. Salute to netaji subhash chander bose on his birthday.
2. the case of second spell ida pension and dp listed on 9-2-2015 for final hearing.
3. the case of gpf listed in the first week of march-2015.
4. the case modify parity , the oa is filed in the legal section at pr cat delhi.
5. the process to file the oa of option for combined pension is completed and to be filed in the second week of feb-2015 at pr cat delhi.
6. the case of complete parity of 20 years service of pro-rata pensioners of mtnl will be filed just after the decision of cat-delhi,chandigafh,arnaculam.
7. no doubt legal process is time consuming, but no other way for mtnl pro-rata pensioners because none of the union or association has taken any of the constitution right of the pro-rata pensioners in mtnl while they are contributing the membership fee to all.
8. the pro-rata pensioners must have the faith in PRPA and concerned must pray to the GOD or Godess according to their religion that ” the PRPA must succeed in all the issues in favor of pro-rata pensioners and PRPA must become strong”.
9. all the members are requested to deposit the three years membership amount in the month of march-2015 positively to finalise the list of membership up to date to file in the court on demand.
” de ho shiva var mohe aiso shubh karman se kab hoo na daroon”
“saraswati maiya drastwa pustak dharini hans vahini sama yukt vidya danam mum”
“maha laxmi namustayambham , namustayambham sureshvari
hari preiye namustaybham , namustayambham dayanedhey”

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