New Update

  1. main prayer in the case of modified parity is pension to be fixed of pro-rata pensioners according to column no.9 of om dated 28-1-2013 with removal of para-5 with the follow up of para -12 of GOI dated 29-8-2008, first para of dicision of Pr CAT-delhi dated 1-11-2011, second last para(26) of hon.Delhi high court ,order of full pension on ten years service dated 8-6-2011,order of dated 22-12-2012 ommitted the word pro-rata from rule 37 & 37A, dismissal of SLP,review & curative petition and implimentation of orderdated 26-8-2014. No one can modify the para-12 of GOI dated 29-8-2008. The case is clear on merit and limitation bacause repesentatation was in 2008. And also pray the arrear since 1-1-2006 with interest.
  2. the case of combined pension is ready for filing in second week of feb-2015.
  3. the time has come to achieve the target and be unite without fearing ,otherwise this time will never come again.

” Be strong and contribute to PRPA “