New Update

updation on dated 20-3-2015

Respected Members

In the last week ,the statement of minister of heavy industry in Lok Sabha for shut down of MTNL has come and on the next the statement of minister of communication has clarified in the Rajya Sabha ” there is no consideration to shut down the MTNL & BSNL by the govt.” There should be no fear till the superannuation and our cases are pending in the Pr.CAT – Delhi for pension.

The supreme court has dismissed the appeal of govt on dated 17-3-2015 in case of modify parity as earlier dismissed in the same case of OA-0655 in 2013 and extended the benefit to other petitioners at different courts by clubing all. But our concerned is to remove para-5 of OM dated 28-1-2013 and same is filed in Pr.CAT-Delhi & next date is 8-4-2015.

Be have the wait for positive results

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