New Update(21/4/2015)

Firstly wishes to all members of the PRPA of “Akshay Tritiaya” and conveying  the latest update. No doubt the members are worried about the decision of the cases bacause the serving employees are retiring without decision of the cases. The PRPA has legalised the issues and grievances of the pro-rata optees on the land of law. The court way is just long and dependant on the judiciary . Be unite and have faith on your self and god.

  1. The OA-2561/2012 for claiming IDA pension for second spell of service of PSU from DOT as per the terms & contract of option letter is listed on dated 20-7-2015.
  2. The OA-3710/2012 for claiming Dearness Pension arrear from 1-4-2004 to 31-12-2005 ( 0n merging of DA into Pension ) as per the order of ministry of finance is listed on 20-7-2015.
  3. The OA-3250/2014 for enrollment of GPF in place of EPF as per the direction of PO issued by the DOT is listed on 3-7-2015.
  4. The OA-642/2015 for removal of para-5 from the OM dated 28-1-2013 for modify parity to be paid since 1-1-2006 is listed on 15-7-2015.
  5. The case of combined service pension is on the advance stage at DOT. The PRPA has given the reminder in reference of written assuarance of partial acceptance for combined service pension. Otherwise the case is ready to file in CAT.

All the above said cases are pending at Pr. CAT Delhi. It is again requested to all members that if you have any documentary evidence which helps in establishment of our claims , please forward to the GS PRPA. For any doubt, Please attend the CAT at the next date.

New Update(13/4/2015)

  1. The next date of modify parity case for removal of para-5 of OM dated 28-1-2013 with arrear since 1-1-2006, is 15-7-2015 for reply by DOPT,DOT and Ministry of Finance.
  2. The OA with decision of CAT Arnakulam, Kerala High Court and Supreme in case of modify parity allowed on 26 years (less than 33 years) service, are hand over to council for citatation in the above case to submit in the Pr CAT Delhi.
  3. The date of second speel IDA pension case and DP case is listed on 16-4-2015.
  4. The date of GPF in place of EPF is listed on 20-4-2015.
  5. The case of combined service pension is in progress at DOT and DOPT is listned from the sources. It is in the benefit of those employee who opted pro-rata pension for DOT service while they have not completed the ten years of service. The PRPA is waiting for the decision , otherwise move to the court.

Be Unite to achieve the target