New Update(18/5/2015)

it is harawith communicted to all that the Hon High Court of Delhi quashed the para­5 of OM dated 28­-1-­2013,the decision given on dated 7­-5-­2015. For detail Please read the “RSCWS.COM”.The apprehension of PRPA is accepted by Law.

3 thoughts on “New Update(18/5/2015)

  1. Removal of para 5 of OM dated 28-01-13.Hearty congratulations. Kindly circulate detailed decision.Not available on the web site mentioned.

  2. Thanks. Now that hearing date in CAT is fast approaching, I want to invite your kind attention to para 5.3 of OM NO.F.N.38/37/08-P&PWA(A) dated 02-09-2008which is reproduced below verbatim.”In cases where a govt. servant becomes entitled to pension on completion of ten years of qualifying service in accordance with Rule49(2) of the CCS(Pension) Rules 1972, pension in those cases shall also be paid at 50% of the emoluments or average emoluments , which ever is more benificial to the government servant”
    As decided by HSC,pre-2006 pensioners are also entitled for the same.

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