New update(11/6/2015)

1. The executive meeting is called for on dated 14­6­2015 to discuss all the current status of the issues concerned.

2. Mr.Dilip met to the GS in Delhi to discuss the issue of DA on Pro­rata pension in detail and guided him the next step or course of action.

3. All the pro­rata pensioners of other ministries and belongs to other cities except Delhi & Mumbai may not become the members of the PRPA but GS­PRPA will help to guide the type of action .

4. GS­PRPA writes the letter to Sh. Ravi Shankar Parsad MOC regarding the delay for option for combined pension as assured by DOT & DOPT to GS­PRPA.

5. The formalities of this year is conveyed to the registrar office for existance of the PRPA.

New Update(9/6/2015)

It is herewith conveyed that the following decisions come by the Hon.Court

1. Modify parity (minimum pension to be revised) decision given upto by Hon.supreme Court in more than forty cases.

2. Full parity decision given by CAT­Arnakulam,Hon. High Court­Kerala,hon. Supreme court and Pr.CAT­Delhi for 20 yr to 33 yr service.

3. GOI dated 8­6­2011 for full pension on completion of ten years QPservice.

4. Para­5 has quashed from OM dated 28­1­2013 by Hon. High Court Delhi. How the benefit of the concerned decision may be extended to the members of PRPA.

1. All the copy of the concerned decisions submitted in our case to extend the benefit to the members of PRPA and next date is in July­2015 at Pr CAT Delhi in case of modify parity.

2. For full parity with ten years service on the date of absorption, the case is being prepared to file the parity without discrimination(article­14) and those who will submit the representation , may be considered to enroll in the case and individual signature is required with membership reciept.

3. Those who are interested for upgradation in pro­rata pension may complete the formalities and may ask on email for any query as soon as possible.

4. All will ensure their pay scale from which they retire on the date of absorption, last pay drawn and qualifying pensionable service .All information is provided in the issued PPO.

New Update(1/6/2015)

The representation to the Pr CCA may be submitted by speed post at an earliest possibility by all who are in service or retired without fail.

1.Format of representation of more than 20 years service is loaded in previous updation.

2.Format of representation of less than 20 years service is being loaded and copy is available with Sh.Ram Nath(9868255300),Sh.S.N.Dahiya(9868214356),Sh.Mahesh Goyal(9911264488),Sh Pahwa ji(9013133940).

and next date is in July­2015. All this will be submitted to the court with all favorable decisions to get the order in the favor of members. Please not to take it very lightly.

Be unite to the achieve the target. The representation are required as per Sec­4 of CAT Act because PRPA is in the court