New Update(9/6/2015)

It is herewith conveyed that the following decisions come by the Hon.Court

1. Modify parity (minimum pension to be revised) decision given upto by Hon.supreme Court in more than forty cases.

2. Full parity decision given by CAT­Arnakulam,Hon. High Court­Kerala,hon. Supreme court and Pr.CAT­Delhi for 20 yr to 33 yr service.

3. GOI dated 8­6­2011 for full pension on completion of ten years QPservice.

4. Para­5 has quashed from OM dated 28­1­2013 by Hon. High Court Delhi. How the benefit of the concerned decision may be extended to the members of PRPA.

1. All the copy of the concerned decisions submitted in our case to extend the benefit to the members of PRPA and next date is in July­2015 at Pr CAT Delhi in case of modify parity.

2. For full parity with ten years service on the date of absorption, the case is being prepared to file the parity without discrimination(article­14) and those who will submit the representation , may be considered to enroll in the case and individual signature is required with membership reciept.

3. Those who are interested for upgradation in pro­rata pension may complete the formalities and may ask on email for any query as soon as possible.

4. All will ensure their pay scale from which they retire on the date of absorption, last pay drawn and qualifying pensionable service .All information is provided in the issued PPO.

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