New Update (20/8/2015)

1. The new roster has implemented by the Pr.CAT-Delhi since 18/8/2015 with new order that the new court has fixed according to the nature of cases say disciplinary cases,pension cases,PSU absorbee cases etc. . The case of second spell IDA pension from DOT is listed in Court No.6 and member is the brother of our senior council. In this sitution, the case is transfer to another court and refixed on dated 24-9-2015.
2. In the case of DP, the additional affidavite with explainatory example to establish the definition of DP as provided in Rule-55 as demanded by court will be filed by our council and refixed on dated 16-10-2015.
3. The discussion on 20 years and 10 years has completed with formalities. Both the cases will be filed in the next week with one representation from mumbai and three representation from Delhi. The required affidavite from Mumbai member with vakalatnama to be signed and will be arranged by post.
4. After filing the above cases, most of the grievances of the pro-rata optees will be covered. In continuation of our representations, the fresh representation for counting of past service from retrospective date is again posted to DOT & DOPT.
Be unite and be strong

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