New Update

congratulation on approval of “one rank one pension” for retired military officials , but they achieved on the basis of struggle and protest for a long time with unity. It is not understadable in the case of pro-rata optee of DOT in the absorption of MTNL, that only 10% of pro-rata optee contribute the legal subscription with only one year membership without attending court and all responsibility imposed on the GS-PRPA. The 90% officials ,who have not contributed to PRPA, are enquiring regarding the status of cases maximum. It means that the people wants to achieve all grievances of first spell as well as second spell of pro-rata optee for constitutional right without sacrifice & contribution. It is very surprising , the people wants the freedom on the sacrifice by others. Even the God will not help in such a situation. It is assured that every one has to contribute in the struggle to achieve the grievances of pro-rata optee for first spell and second spell. In case those who are not agree with the opinion of PRPA, they may follow the another way but must do. Now they may protest on Juntar-Mantar by involving the retired pro-rata optee officials with family members. Every one has to unite on the issue of pro-rata optee particularly for one time option to get the benefit of ammendment of rule 37A from retrospective date which has already acceptd by DOT as given in writing to the GS-PRPA. The GS-PRPA is writing to Prime Minister, Communication Minister, RSS Pramukh , Secy-DOT and Secy-DOPT.
While the PRPA is fighting legally, even there after ready to contribute the protest at Jantar-Mantar for unity. It is requested to members kindly comment on this issue and forward to GS-PRPA. Please involve all pro-rata optee in the struggle.

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