New Update

1. The OA of second spell IDA pension listed on dated 30-10-2015 due to more time is taken in hearing of item no.19 & 21.
2. The OA of modify parity & to remove para-5 of OM dated 28-1-2013 listed on dated 8-12-2015 due retirement of judge on next working day. The OA of Inansu is upheld by supreme court and review petition govt. is dismissed by the supreme court. The file for approval is sent to ministry of finance.
3. All members have to be unite and strong to achieve the target. It is your constitutional right to move to court for your grievance . None of the union or association can stop to use this right.
4. It is very much confidential report ” the case BSNL & MTNL merging “on the top priority of the govt. Every one has to accept this situation and ready to follow the rationalise policy of BSNL and DOT.

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