Updation ( 24-10-2015 )

  1. next date of DP case is 23-11-2015 due to shortage of time with the bentch.
  2. next date of GPF case is 31-10-2015 due to declaration of holiday on dated 23-10-2015 in Pr.CAT Delhi.
  3. next date of modify parity case is 30-10-2015 ( please correct as posted in last updation).
  4. next date of second spell IDA pension is 8-12-2015 ( please correct).
  5. the process to file the case of full parity for 10 & 20 years service is started and some suggestion has received from mumbai. If any point or document is available with any member at Delhi or Mumbai , then immediately forward to prpags785@gmail.com.

it is well conveyed to all members if any enquiry is required then forward to mail address as given above. Some of the members are seeking for general body meeting and worried about the status of cases as well as balance of the amount collected. It is again assured that 1) the GBM will be conducted just after getting at least one or two decision must come because the GS with Executive members are involved very seriously in the facing or making the stretegy of court cases. Even GS with team take leave to attend the date. 2) we are completely devoting to handle the cases. 3) Except the initial expenditure of visiting,posters,photo copy of orders & documents, the amount is paid by cheque only to the team of councils only and the balance is available with bank. The detail of expenditure will be produce in the GBM.

It is finally assured no other expenditure will be claimed on any account except legal expendditure and be unite to achieve the target with positive attitude.

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