New Update

Justice A.K.Mathur submitted 7th CPC reprot to the MOF Arun Jetly. It is the part of appreciation that CPC has considered the suggestions as submitted in the last year 2014 by GS-PRPA. The prnciple of modify and complete parity is recommended by the 7th CPC. In case of acceptance of CPC report by the Govt, the members have to opt for revision of pension by refixation of pay according to the matrics of 7th CPC first. These cases are already pending with Pr CAT Delhi for final order and group C,B,A employee will be able to get the arrear since 1/1/2006. The time has come to unite all the pro­rata pensioners of MTNL absorbee’s to achieve the target of “second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT on the completion of qualifying pensionable service in MTNL”.

New Update(13­/11/­2015)

1. The case of modify parity listed on dated 30­/10/­2015. Our counsel has started the argument,

but respondent counsel of DOT Harvinder Oberoi pleaded ‘ not to argue on the ground of karva

choth fast’. The case was listed in the same bench who given the decision on the modify parity. It

is relisted on 23­/11­//2015.

2. The case of combined pension option was represented to PM,MOS,Secy­DOPT & Secy­DOT

with the enclosed copy of rule & assured copy of acceptance of grievance. It is again registered

by DOPT at ” DOPPW/P/2015/03781″ and may log on to ­­

3. It is learnt from the sources ” the retirement will be on the copmletion of 33 years service or 60

years age whichever is earlier ­­expected recommendation of 7th central pay commission “. In

case ,it is extended to the MTNL, PRPA may go to High court or Appex court for stay on the

ground ­­the gratuity for pro­rata optee is paid since 1­1/1­/1998 or 1­/10/­2000 on IDA pay scale for

MTNL service ( which is the para meter to compute the length of service) if the members agree

and contribute to fund for this seprate case.

The actual Deepawali will be lightened in our life when we achieve the following goal with unity.

­­ get the justice in modify parity

­­ get the justice in second spell IDA pension

­­ get the justice in combined pension option

­­ get the justice in Dearness pension

­­ get the justice in full parity of 10 or 20 years

­­ get the justice in GPF case