Updation: dated: 17/12/2015

1. On dated 8­-12­-2015 in the case of second spell IDA pension, The judge pointed out the technical correction and the same is filed with correction on dated 16-­12­-2015. The next date is 2-2-­2016.

2. On dated 16­-12­-2015 in the case of modify parity , the pleading,arguments of both side is completed and counsel of respondent stress the order shall be in favour of members of PRPA only. The pronouncement is delivered on dated 18-­12­-2015.

3. In the case of GPF,the counter of respondents have received and the PRPA will submit the rejoinder soon.

” Be unite and not confuse with rumour”

Updation: Dated 1/12/2015

1. In the case of DP, the counsel of respondent of DOPT halal Haider run away from the court when the turn has come and bench taken the serious view. The case is relisted on dated 22-12-2015.

2. In the case modify parity , the counsel of respondent of DOPT & DOT Harvinder Oberoi refused to receive the rejoinder in the court while our counsel showed the receive copy to the Hon. Pr judge and agreed. On the spot the copy of rejoinder handed over in the presence judge. Hon. Pr Judge and second senior judge commented when rule- 49 has already been abolished and asked to respondent counsel ,” what argument you want to give and very simple case the benefit is to be extended to the members of the PRPA”. The case is short relisted on dated 16-12-2015.

3. It is herewith requested to all members to be unite to acheive the all targets. You should be very much careful that some of the official or officer are trying to damage this mission of  legal fight of PRPA.