Updation: dated 28/01/2016

Updation on dated 28/01/2016

1. There was a second part of GBM of PRPA held at Prabha devi Tele. Exch. Mumbai on 27/01/2016 in the presence of GS­PRPA Sunil Kumar Sharma & house full with pin drop silence with unconditional support.

2 . GS conveyed the decision taken by the GBM held in Delhi on dated 16/01/2016 and the complete house agreed & accepted unanimously.

3 . GS described the case of modify parity,full parity,DP,EPF to GPF, Second spell IDA pension on the completion of qualifying pensionable service of ten years in MTNL & to be paid by DOT under rule­23 of Rule­37A of CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 without any discrimination in MTNL, CGHS facility on last pay drawn, Change of option on the ammendment of rule­37A from retrospective date etc. in detail. All the members listened caefully and raised the doubts. GS replied the each query with status of cases and clearly mentioned, the PRPA is not against any of the union/association. In case, any member or official or officer does not rely on the working of PRPA legal course of action , he/she may discontinue his/her membership.

4. There after, the vote of thanks given by GS to complete house with co­operate listening.

Update: 19/01/2016


1. The definition as given by 3 & 7 CPC that central govt employee is the servant working in central govt and pay out by the Consilidated Fund of India. The same is in the case of pension that who is pay out the pension from Consolidated Fund of India is central govt pension. The pension pay out on IDA pay scale ( governed by directive of Deptt. of Public Enterprises ) is PSU pension. The pension pay out on IDA pay scale in MTNL for second spell of service who counted the past service to calculate the Qualifying pensionable service in MTNL for the purpose of pension and paid by DOT as per sub rule 23 of rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 is PSU Pension and not the Govt Pension.

2. In case of full parity, the date of absorption will be treated as good as superannuation date as accepted by the court of law. As per OM dated 2­9­2008, the absorbee of MTNL are entitled the full pension ( with incremental benefit ) since 1­1­2006.

“Be united to achieve the goal”

Updation: Dated 16/01/2016


1. There was tightly full in the GBM held in BSNL Dormetary today under the presidentship of Sh.Partap Singh ji. Firstly pay the homage to the soul of Lt. Sh.B.N.Singh who was our member and left for heaven due to accidental death on dated 14­01­2016.

2. The case of modify parity is explained in detail by GS to house.

3. It is also discuss the case of DP and GPF.

4. It is clear, IDA pension of second spell service paid to those absorbee who counted the past service for pension to become qualifying pensionable service while they performed only two months service in MTNL .On other side,it is refuse the IDA pension to other absrbee who did not count the past service while completed the qualifying pensionable service in MTNL. it is discrimination and violation of article­14 of constitution of India. The IDA pension of MTNL service paid by DOT as per sub rule­23 of 37A CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 is the entitlement of all absrbee of DOT employee who completed qualifying pensionable service of 10 years in MTNL.

5. The house has passed the General Expenses and Legal expenses paid to counsels till date.

6. The GBM has allowed to collect the membership fees of four year 2013 to 2016 (Rs 400/­) for validation of membership in 2016 and it will be ground to file the list in High Court . The house has also passed to collect another Rs 600/­ on account of legal charges.

7. The committee of five members is constituted by GBM to finalise the list of members. Sh.V.K.Sharma,Sh.Mahesh goyal,Sh.Ram Nath,Sh.B.K.Tayagi and Sh.Bhargava are the committee members.

8. The house has also allow to file the case of full parity and opportunity to change the option as required.

Vote of thanks by the president of GBM

Updation on 6/1/2016


Following is the modify parity as per OM dated 28­1­2013 (same allowed by Pr CAT Delhi)

Pay scale on dated 31­10­1998 Minimum Revised pension on dated 1­1­2006

2750 3665

3050 3890

3200 4030

4000 4920

4500 5585

5000 6750

5500 7215

6500 8145

7450 9230

7500 9375

8000 10140

Note:­­ The revised pension from S­16 to S­31 may be verified from the annexure. The minimum pension will not be reduced pro­rata cut as ordered by Pr.CAT­ Delhi in the petition of Pro­rata Pensioners Association (R).

Updation: dated 4/01/2016

“Happy New Year 2016 to all ”

1. The order in OA­642/2015 of PRPA has passed with correction on dated 23­12­2015, that “para­5 is deleted from OM dated 28­1­2013 and apply column­9 of the annexure since 1­1­2006 within two months period” . The OA of Pro­rata Pensioners Association is allowed.The caveat is filed in the Delhi High Court. The principle of modify parity is approved for absorbed employee of MTNL/BSNL which is the main hurdle to go forward.

This is the established law and mention in so many judgement that the modify parity is applicable in the following CPC and full parity is applicable in the consecutive CPC. The same pleading of the PRPA is accepted by the 7th CPC of the PRPA which is reflected in the report.

The submission of other union/association of MTNL/BSNL are not accepted by the 7th CPC. This is the fact/law that pro­rata pensioners in MTNL/BSNL are entitled for full parity since 1­1­2016 as report of 7th CPC accepted by govt. now the PRPA may move for full pension on completion of 20 years QPS since 1­1­2006 and 10 years QPS since 8­6­2011 as approved by the GBM.

2. The case of second spell IDA pension ( for the service of MTNL/BSNL) is listed on 2­2­2016 with strong pleading. Please note the following points

­­ IDA pension paid by DOT as per sub­rule 23 of rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 to the absorbed employee of DOT in MTNL/BSNL. The pro­rata pensioners are also entitled for this.

­­ The DOT has not available the set rule for absorbed employee of DOT in MTNL/BSNL for pension. This is the reason to follow rule available in CCS(Pension)Rule 1972. It is also applicable on Pro­rata pensioners who absorbed in MTNL/BSNL.

­­ The Pro­rata pensioners are also covered under OM dated 5­7­1989 as the other absorbees.

­­ All is assured by the DOT in the option letter as well as in PO. remain for court

3. The important GBM is called on dated 16­1­2016 at BSNL dormetry behind K.L.Bhawan in lunch hour to submit the list of members in the High Court with updation of membership. All the members are requested to attend this meeting and also inform to those members who retired.