Updation: Dated 16/01/2016


1. There was tightly full in the GBM held in BSNL Dormetary today under the presidentship of Sh.Partap Singh ji. Firstly pay the homage to the soul of Lt. Sh.B.N.Singh who was our member and left for heaven due to accidental death on dated 14­01­2016.

2. The case of modify parity is explained in detail by GS to house.

3. It is also discuss the case of DP and GPF.

4. It is clear, IDA pension of second spell service paid to those absorbee who counted the past service for pension to become qualifying pensionable service while they performed only two months service in MTNL .On other side,it is refuse the IDA pension to other absrbee who did not count the past service while completed the qualifying pensionable service in MTNL. it is discrimination and violation of article­14 of constitution of India. The IDA pension of MTNL service paid by DOT as per sub rule­23 of 37A CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 is the entitlement of all absrbee of DOT employee who completed qualifying pensionable service of 10 years in MTNL.

5. The house has passed the General Expenses and Legal expenses paid to counsels till date.

6. The GBM has allowed to collect the membership fees of four year 2013 to 2016 (Rs 400/­) for validation of membership in 2016 and it will be ground to file the list in High Court . The house has also passed to collect another Rs 600/­ on account of legal charges.

7. The committee of five members is constituted by GBM to finalise the list of members. Sh.V.K.Sharma,Sh.Mahesh goyal,Sh.Ram Nath,Sh.B.K.Tayagi and Sh.Bhargava are the committee members.

8. The house has also allow to file the case of full parity and opportunity to change the option as required.

Vote of thanks by the president of GBM

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