Update: 19/01/2016


1. The definition as given by 3 & 7 CPC that central govt employee is the servant working in central govt and pay out by the Consilidated Fund of India. The same is in the case of pension that who is pay out the pension from Consolidated Fund of India is central govt pension. The pension pay out on IDA pay scale ( governed by directive of Deptt. of Public Enterprises ) is PSU pension. The pension pay out on IDA pay scale in MTNL for second spell of service who counted the past service to calculate the Qualifying pensionable service in MTNL for the purpose of pension and paid by DOT as per sub rule 23 of rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 is PSU Pension and not the Govt Pension.

2. In case of full parity, the date of absorption will be treated as good as superannuation date as accepted by the court of law. As per OM dated 2­9­2008, the absorbee of MTNL are entitled the full pension ( with incremental benefit ) since 1­1­2006.

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