Updation: dated 28/01/2016

Updation on dated 28/01/2016

1. There was a second part of GBM of PRPA held at Prabha devi Tele. Exch. Mumbai on 27/01/2016 in the presence of GS­PRPA Sunil Kumar Sharma & house full with pin drop silence with unconditional support.

2 . GS conveyed the decision taken by the GBM held in Delhi on dated 16/01/2016 and the complete house agreed & accepted unanimously.

3 . GS described the case of modify parity,full parity,DP,EPF to GPF, Second spell IDA pension on the completion of qualifying pensionable service of ten years in MTNL & to be paid by DOT under rule­23 of Rule­37A of CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 without any discrimination in MTNL, CGHS facility on last pay drawn, Change of option on the ammendment of rule­37A from retrospective date etc. in detail. All the members listened caefully and raised the doubts. GS replied the each query with status of cases and clearly mentioned, the PRPA is not against any of the union/association. In case, any member or official or officer does not rely on the working of PRPA legal course of action , he/she may discontinue his/her membership.

4. There after, the vote of thanks given by GS to complete house with co­operate listening.

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