Updation: dated 02/02/2016

Updation on dated 02/02/2016

1. The case of removal of discrimination and voilation of article­14 of contitution of India in reference to “second spell IDA pension for MTNL service on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable service paid by govt. (DOT) under sub rule­23 of rule­37A of CCS(Pension) Rule­1972” to those absorbee who counted the past service rendered to DOT to make qualifying pensionable service in MTNL for pension , is deferred till 23/02/2016 due to leave of bench. It is assured by DOT at the time of absorption that “No discimination shall be done in MTNL between absorbee in all cases”. [Be Unite]

2. Most of the members have deposited Rs.1,000/­ to validate updation of membership till march 2016 in so many area concerned directly to PRPA. The area ,where it is required to deposit, may contact to Sh.V.K.Sharma(9868136686),Sh.RamNath(9868255300),Sh.H.P.S.Rathi(9013131636),Sh.S.N.Dahiya(9868214356) to deposit the membership along with legal charges collection. In case of non­validation with updated membership as well the legal charges, the membership will stand cancelled for further pleading of legal cases pending in different courts and it is presumed that the members concerned are not interested to continue to be the part of the cases. The earlier deposits will be forfieted.

3. There are so many decision of High court and Appex court that the benefit of the order will be extended to petitioners only by the govt. and refused on the ground of non representation of grievances to the Administration in time with merit.

4. It is mentioned herewith that the eleet group of like minded colleages formed the PRPA to remove discrimination and resolve the grievances of Pro­rata Pensioners absorbees in MTNL for constitutional right in the law of land and extend the benefit to those absorbee who are not in a position to fight in court at the high cost of payment. This is a social work on the pattern of NGO and non­political. In case,the official & officer has no faith in this mission of PRPA, they are requested please not enquire and not to contribute for membership with legal charges. The members of the governing body are working volunteerly without any payment for serving. The object of the mission of PRPA is no one may set aside the grievances of Pro­rata Pensioners at any level.

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