Updation: Dates 12/02/2016


1. Well awaited decision of full parity on 10 years qualifying pensionable service on superannuation/retirement due to absorption in psu has received. Now the process to file the case of full parity is started by completing the legal formalities & representation for the members of the PRPA. The members of 20 years service will also be included in the same case for MTNL absorbee.

2. The DOT(earlier paid by MTNL) is paying the second spell IDA pension to MTNL absorbee on the completion of 10 years service in MTNL to­­­­

a) those absorbee who counted the past service rendered to central govt to become qualifying pensionable service in MTNL.

b) but not to those absorbee who opted pro­rata monthly pension for the past service rendered to central govt while completed the qualifying pensionable service in MTNL.

This is a discrimination between the absorbee and voilation of article­14 of constitution of India while option letter terms,presidential order terms,prescibed rules, order of govt and decision of govt are allowing to pay this IDA pension to both absorbee for both service.The case is on final stage in the court.

The members who are niether completed 10 years in DOT service nor in MTNL, there case to change the option from para­2(b) to 2(a) is under consideration as replied by DOPT to GS­PRPA on dated 19­01­2016. The change of option may be availed by any of the absorbee.

3. The impact of financial liability of IDA pension payment by transferring from MTNL to DOT at par with BSNL example:­ MTNL BSNL

IDA pension on superannuation Rs.25,000/­ Rs.20,000/­

Govt liability 60% of BSNL Rs.12,000/­


MTNL excess liability to BSNL Rs. 5,000/­ nil

liability of PSU 40% Rs. 8,000/­ Rs. 8,000/­

Total liability of PSU 52% 40%

4. The case of CGHS class eligibility to be revised on superannuation from MTNL to members of PRPA by considering corresponing CDA pay as compare to last IDA pay drawn, is processed.

5. As per direction approved by the registrar office, the membership register is to maintain and no provision to display the list of members on website. The governing body has all rights reserve for maintenance of membership.

a) as per by laws of PRPA, it is the complete duty & liability of the members to follow the decision of governing body and GBM alongwith depositing membership & legal contribution for validate updation of membership. In case of failure, the membership will stand cancelled & earlier deposits will forfiet.

b) as per the terms of membership form, it is the undertaking given by the member to bear the legal charges for all legal cases filed in courts by PRPA. In case of failure to deposit the legal charges,the governing body will cancel and delist the membership for further course of legal pleading of cases.

c) the governing body of PRPA is pleading all cases in courts on the basis of funding of eleet members and extending the benefit of order passed in favor by providing membership to grieved pro­rata pensioners at minimum contribution or cost. Any member does not willing to continue with working of PRPA,may discontinue the membership by not depositing the membership & legal charges or contribution.

d) the matters are sub­judice in the court at differrent level, the legal arguments may not be disclosed in open or on web site.

e) as per by laws of PRPA, the required information will be provided by web site.

6. For any query in Mumbai contact to Sh.A.C.Kumar­CAO(9869468110)

For any query in Delhi for group A& B (executive) contact to


For any query in Delhi for group C & D (non­executive) contact to

S.N.Dahiya(9868214356),Ram Nath(9868255300),Mahesh Goyal(9911264488)

For depositing membership & legal contribution contact to V.K.Sharma(9868136686)

7. Be unite and very soon the mission of depositing contribution will complete.

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