New Update(27/03/2016)

1. Next date of IDA pension for second spell service is 7th July 2016 for DB.
2. Next date of GPF case 13th July 2016.
3. Next date of DP case 8th august 2016.
4. The contempt of modify case is filed in the court.
5. Still waiting the order of full parity.
6. The last drive of validate updation of membership of remaining members will be completed in April 2016.

Updation: 17/03/2016

1. The case of change of option on the ammendment of rule­37A from retrospective date is processed for further course of action from DOT to MTNL. It is already third time conveyed to the GS­PRPA regarding the case is under consideration.

2. The next date of GPF case is 13/07/2016.

3. In case of non­depositing for validate updation of membership upto march­2016 and legal contribution, please contact to Sh. V.K.Sharma on 9868136686.

4. The contempt petition filed in Delhi CAT by GS for the members of the PRPA.

5. The case of DP and Second spell IDA pension listed on 22/03/2016. These are very much important cases and pray to GOD the GS­PRPA must succeed.

6. All the retirees must have patience for achievement.