A large number of members deposited their contribution on 24th April 2016 at DSIDC Hall Connaught Place, New Delhi and thanks to all members who have faith in the legal course of action of PRPA and continue their membership with a legal contribution. The PRPA is working on the following legal points

1. After getting modify parity, the same case will continue by filing RA for an incremental benefit(full parity) for the members of PRPA.

2. To provide the right of Dearness pension from 1/4/2004 to 31/12/2005(case pending in Pr CAT- Delhi).

3. To provide GPF in place of EPF ( case pending in Pr CAT Delhi ).

4. To provide a second spell IDA pension with commutation on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable service in MTNL(case pending in Pr CAT Delhi).

5. To provide CGHS facility on the conversion of CDA pay scale corresponding to the last drawn IDA pay.

6. To provide change of option on the ammendment of rule 37A from retrospective date.

7. To provide the opportunity to those members who wants the IDA pension of combined service of DOT & MTNL on superannuation by revising the PPO without depositng the recieved pro­rata.

8. The representation of PRPA is considered by the 7th CPC and recommended the full parity to the pro­rata pensioners. It is requested to all members that Please celebrate the event on recieving of revised pro­rata pension on the implementation of 7th CPC.

All members of PRPA are requested to “Be united” and celebrate the event among the staff on recieving the arrear of modify parity .

New Update(20/4/2016)

It is kindly requested to those members ,who have not deposited the validate updated membership with legal contribution @ Rs.1,000/­ up to march 2016, may deposit on dated 24th April 2016 time (09.30am to 16.30pm) at DSIDC Hall opposite Hanuman Mandir ,Baba Kharagh Singh Marg, Connaught place New Delhi. The same is intimated by speed post at the residential address as given in undertaking form. In case of failure, the membership will stand cancelled for further course of legal action.

New Update(15/4/2016)

1. After implementation of modify parity order since 1st jan 2006 without pro­rata cut for MTNL absorbee’s, the benefit of full parity will also be implied in the 7th CPC. As the BMS is trying to count the temporary service for pension in the first spell of service and same is assured by the MOC Sh. Ravi Shankar Parsad in the meeting of BMS, the most of absobee’s will be entitled for pro­rata pension with full parity while they are not getting any pension against the first spell of service on opting of pro­rata pension.

2. The Secy ­ DOPT has given assurance the case of change of option is uner consideration of DOT and no time frame may be given. It is for those who have not completed the qualifying pensionable service of 10 years in the both spell of service.

3. The members of the PRPA are not ready to surrender the right of principle of “CCC” (CDA,CFI,CPC) which is a constitutional right also for first spell of service.

4. The PSU pension of IDA pay scale paid by MTNL (now paid by DOT) to the absorbed employee’s of DOT on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable service, it is also the constitutional right of other absorbee’s of DOT employee’s who opted for pro­rata pension for first spell of service. This is the rule provided in the CCS(Pension) Rule,1972.

Be unite to get the legitimate right of pro­rata pensioners of MTNL

New Update(14/04/2016)

1. Again congrats and thanks to all members of PRPA who supported the prolonged struggle of eight years of Sunil Kumar Sharma GS­PRPA to achieve the principle of modify parity since 1st January 2006 without pro­rata cut on the completion of qualifying service of 10 years. As per the decision of the court in the case of PRPA , the OM dated 28 jan. 2013 shall be implemented on MTNL absorbee’s who opt pro­rata pension for first spell of service of DOT with deletion of para­9 & 5.

This is the unite strrugle of Sh. Sunil Kumar, GS­PRPA, Sh.Partap Narain,GS­Association of Railway PSU, Sh. J.P.Singh, GS­RSCWS,Sh.Malik, counsel of MES, the association of S­29 group, Sh. O.M.Inansu from kerala and other 40 individual & groups who struggled in the different CATS of the country,concerned state High courts and supreme court ( petition,review&curative) dismissed the appeal of Govt. The contempt of PRPA is pending and listed in the third week of April 2016 for payment for MTNL absorbee’s. The JCM intervened to extend the benefit to all.GS-PRPA congrates and thanks to those officials and officers who did not contribute in this strrugle. The battle in court is justified.

2. After payment of modify parity, the PRPA will file the case of full parity for incremental gain since 1st jan,2006 by RA in the continuation of the OA­642 in the Pr.CAT­Delhi for it’s members. 3. The case of GPF&DP are on the final argument at Pr.CAT­Delhi.

3. The case of GPF&DP are on the final argument at Pr.CAT­Delhi.

4. The case of CGHS eligibility to be revised on superannuation from MTNL on the corresponding to the CDA scale of the last pay drawn on IDA scale as done in BSNL to the absorbee(pro­rata pensioners) of DOT is in process.

5. The case of IDA pension for second spell of service in MTNL to be paid by DOT/Govt on the completion 10 years qualifying pensionable service in MTNL is on final argument in Pr.CAT­Delhi. This is also the most important strrugle of members of PRPA since eight years in the land of law. No doubt the unity of members of PRPA will give the positive result.

6. It is requested to all the members who did not validate update the membership upto March 2016 with legal charges and total due amount is Rs,1,000/(one thosand). The last intimation letter is being send by post to the members on the residential address as given in the undertaking form. The venue of depositing is DSIDC Hall opposit connaught place Hanuman mandir , Baba Kharag Sing Marg ,New Delhi on dated 24 April 2016 time from 09.30am to 16.30pm positively. Those who fails to deposit the membership alongwith legal conribution , their name will be deleted further from the legal proceeding of PRPA in court. It is the final oppotunity for whom wants to remain in the strrugle of PRPA.

7. It may kindly noted that the case of modify parity was also on the azenda of JCM since eight years and inter ministrial. That’s why ,the JCM could intervened to extend the benefit of court decision to other central govt retiree. Other cases of PRPA are belong to only MTNL absorbee’s of DOT employee’s.

“Again thanks to the unity” “Congrates on the birth aniiversery of Bharat Ratan Baba Sahib Bhim

Roa Ambedkar” the pillar of justice and constitution.

New Update(7/4/2016)

Congrats to all members of PRPA, Finally the OM 38/37/08­P & PW (A) is issued by govt of
India and in para­6 of this order ,the order of Pr CAT­Delhi in favor of PRPA vide OA­642/2015 is covered. Your struggle of 8 years has converted into the success and modify parity is achieved without pro­rata cut. On the hearing of contempt, the implementation of the said order will be asked for.

New Update(1/4/2016)

1. Modify parity case :­­ The contempt of the PRPA is accepted in Pr.CAT­Delhi and notice will be served by CAT to in personal name of Secy. DOPT,DOT and Expenditure of ministry of Finance. In the contempt of Partap Narain on dated 31st March2016, the govt counsel assured to serve order in the month of April with listing on 4th may,2016. The list of members of PRPA is being finalised in the form of CD & hard copy to submit in the court at the time of implimentation of order restrict to petitioners.

2. Second spell IDA pension case:­­ a) the rule provided in CCS(Pension)Rule,1972 , orders of  GOVT of India and as per the terms of Option letter, the members of PRPA, who are getting Pro-rata pension for the service rendered to the first spell of service , are entitled for two separate pension for both service on the completion qualifying pensionable service on both service separately. There shall not be any doubt.

b) The members of PRPA are not ready to surrender the right of “” C C C “” C­­ CDA(to receive CDA pension), C­­CFI ( pension to be paid from consolidated fund of India), C­­CPC( to implement the report of central pay commission).

3. It is requested to all members ,who are interested to retain with PRPA, please check & verify their validate updated membership.

New Update(27/03/2016)

1. Next date of IDA pension for second spell service is 7th July 2016 for DB.

2. Next date of GPF case 13th July 2016.

3. Next date of DP case 8th August 2016.

4. The contempt of modify case is filed in the court.

5. Still waiting the order of full parity.

6. The last drive of validate updation of membrship of remaining members will be completed in

april 2016.