New Update(15/4/2016)

1. After implementation of modify parity order since 1st jan 2006 without pro­rata cut for MTNL absorbee’s, the benefit of full parity will also be implied in the 7th CPC. As the BMS is trying to count the temporary service for pension in the first spell of service and same is assured by the MOC Sh. Ravi Shankar Parsad in the meeting of BMS, the most of absobee’s will be entitled for pro­rata pension with full parity while they are not getting any pension against the first spell of service on opting of pro­rata pension.

2. The Secy ­ DOPT has given assurance the case of change of option is uner consideration of DOT and no time frame may be given. It is for those who have not completed the qualifying pensionable service of 10 years in the both spell of service.

3. The members of the PRPA are not ready to surrender the right of principle of “CCC” (CDA,CFI,CPC) which is a constitutional right also for first spell of service.

4. The PSU pension of IDA pay scale paid by MTNL (now paid by DOT) to the absorbed employee’s of DOT on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable service, it is also the constitutional right of other absorbee’s of DOT employee’s who opted for pro­rata pension for first spell of service. This is the rule provided in the CCS(Pension) Rule,1972.

Be unite to get the legitimate right of pro­rata pensioners of MTNL

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