A large number of members deposited their contribution on 24th April 2016 at DSIDC Hall Connaught Place, New Delhi and thanks to all members who have faith in the legal course of action of PRPA and continue their membership with a legal contribution. The PRPA is working on the following legal points

1. After getting modify parity, the same case will continue by filing RA for an incremental benefit(full parity) for the members of PRPA.

2. To provide the right of Dearness pension from 1/4/2004 to 31/12/2005(case pending in Pr CAT- Delhi).

3. To provide GPF in place of EPF ( case pending in Pr CAT Delhi ).

4. To provide a second spell IDA pension with commutation on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable service in MTNL(case pending in Pr CAT Delhi).

5. To provide CGHS facility on the conversion of CDA pay scale corresponding to the last drawn IDA pay.

6. To provide change of option on the ammendment of rule 37A from retrospective date.

7. To provide the opportunity to those members who wants the IDA pension of combined service of DOT & MTNL on superannuation by revising the PPO without depositng the recieved pro­rata.

8. The representation of PRPA is considered by the 7th CPC and recommended the full parity to the pro­rata pensioners. It is requested to all members that Please celebrate the event on recieving of revised pro­rata pension on the implementation of 7th CPC.

All members of PRPA are requested to “Be united” and celebrate the event among the staff on recieving the arrear of modify parity .

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