New update( 23/5/2016 )

1. It is learnt that the programme of full pension on last pay (on CDA) on dated 31st Oct 1998 & 30th Sept 2000 by multiply 2.48 and divide by 2 , is forwarded by the ministry. That will be the pension on 1st Jan 2006 ( to abolish the grade system ). For 7th CPC, for non-executive the multiplication factor will be 2.81 since 1st Jan 2016 and for executive the multiplication factor will be 2.57.

2. The next date of contempt is 31st may 2016. It is earlier cleared , the compensation or invalid pension is being paid on pro rata formulae with 333-yearservice to the DOT employees absorbed in MTNL. you are entitled for revision of full pension since 1/1/2006 & 1/1/2016 like other pensioners. As per rule , these pensioners are eligible for second spell IDA pension as now paid by DOT to DOT employee absorbed in MTNL.

3. Now, the terror of misuse of rule 56J by the management is spread over in MTNL to kick out the permanent govt servent absorbed in MTNL. The members of PRPA have to unite to oppose this direction because our service is 18 years or 16 years as per the parameter of payment of gratuity which establish the length of service. Even, the PRPA is ready to move to the COURT in the interest of its members. It is also supported Com A.K.Kaushik GS TEAM for the opposition of Rule 56J.


3 thoughts on “New update( 23/5/2016 )

  1. Pl update what is the status. I would like to draw your attention towards OM dated 1.9.2008 clause no 7 (a) where it is clearly mentioned that where the Govt servants in permanent adsorption in PSU/Autonomous bodies continue to draw pension separately from the Govt,the pension of such Govt servants will be updated in the terms id these orders.In cases where the Govt Servants have drawn one timelump sun terminal benefits equal to 100% of they pension and have become entitled to the restoration of one third commutation portion of the pension as per Supreme Court judgement dated 15.12. 1995, their cases will not be covered by these orders. Hence in MTNL all absorbees drawing pension are eligible for revision id pension as per OM dated 6.4.2016. I would therefore request you to take up the matter with CCA based on these above. With regards

  2. As you said 31st may 2016 is the hearing of contempt case. Pl tell us what is the stand taken for prorata pendioners Pl update your website as most of the affected pensioners are eagerly waiting for the same

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