New Update ( 31/05/2016 )

Today, the Pr CAT Delhi ordered to the govt to make payment of modify parity within four weeks and compliance to the court on dated 14th July 2016 in the contempt case of PRPA (CP­ 205/2016). The counsel of govt replied , the compliance to order of implementation of OM dated 6th April 2016 issued and Secy. DOT,DOPT & expediture ministry of finance assured in court that no appeal is filed in this case in the court. The payment of arrear will be made in the month of June 2016 and celebrate among the staff & family.



Sunil Kumar Sharma

Gen.Secy PRPA

3 thoughts on “New Update ( 31/05/2016 )

  1. Thanks for update you have written secy. DoT on clarify whether secy. DOT HAS ALSO ASDURED FOR RELEASE OF PAYMENT OR ONLY SECT. DOPT. THANKS

  2. Congrates! We got fruit for your continuous and timely effort. Forward the copy of the order to both Delhi and Mumbai Pr.CCAs office.

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