New Update (23/6/2016)

It is confirmed , the payment of modify parity is forwarded to the concerned bank by the Pr CCA Delhi and CCA Mumbai along with intimation letter served to the pensioner also. The remaining pensioners may submit their documents the concerned CCA for fast payment. The members of PRPA are requested to complete the process for further course of legal action and list of members may be finalised for court submission. Further in all the cases, only members of the PRPA will be the petitioner. The PRPA shall not be answerable for those who are not validate updated till 31st March, 2016 member of PRPA.

New Update ( 15/6/2016 )

It is requested to all Executives and senior non­executives that you may kindly educate & convey to all group­D employee absorbee who are getting pro­rata pension ,they are entitled to S­4 scale since 1/1/2006.

The 7th CPC uplifted or upgrade the scale of S­1,2,3 to the S­4 since 1/1/2006 and these employee will fill column­7 as Rs.7330/­ as corresponding scale and they entitled minimum (modify parity) pension Rs.3665/­ and are eligible for arrear since 1/1/2006.

New Update ( 14/06/2016 )

Hindustan News dated 14th June 2016:- ” Central govt is considering to raise the limit of Rs.15,000/- to actual drawn Basic pay+ IDA on optimal basis for the purpose of pension of EPF-1995 scheme.”

AS informed by the Mumbai sources, more than 75% forms submitted in Mumbai to Pr CCA for revision of pension and some of cases are sanctioned.

AS informed by the Delhi sources, appx 3000 forms submitted in Delhi to Pr CCA and more counters are opened to receive the forms.

It is requested to all pro-rata pensioners of MTNL that they may kindly ensure to submit the form as soon as possible to Pr CCA Delhi/Mumbai for early payment of arrear.

New Update (10/6/2016)

It is requested to all members in Mumbai & Delhi who know to open the site of, may arrange to provide the form to others ( especially class D official) and send to Pr CCA as soon as possible to ensure the payment of arrears since 1/1/2006.

­In column 6 :­ firstly fill the pay scale as mentioned in PPO and also fill last pay drawn in bracket.

­In column 7 :­ fill the minimum pay of the corresponding pay scale and also fill the corresponding pay of the last pay drawn.

This is the result of unity and struggle in court

New Update ( 8/6/2016 )

All the members of PRPA and pro rata pension holder of DOT absorbed in MTNL/BSNL are requested to download the form ( Format )and submit to the Pr CCA concerned after verifying/forwarding from the, from which office you retired on 31/10/1998 or 30/09/2000. Please do this exercise without loosing the time to get revised pension since 01/01/2006 in time , thereafter the exercise of 7th CPC will start. It is to be noted CDA pay scale with last pay drawn to be filled as mentioned in the PPO and corresponding pay scale to be filled as minimum of revised pay scale since 01/01/2006 with corresponding of last pay drawn also to be filled. Be careful to fill the form and any doubt contact to Sunil Kumar Sharma GS PRPA on 9868578844 and 011 27301144.


nagpur court dec

Edit*  As informed by the office of Pr CCA, the serving employee will verify the form from AO(P&A) concerned and retiree will verify from the unit officer from which they retired and same may be circulated to all.


New Update( 7/6/2016 )

GS PRPA met with Pr CCA Delhi and discussed the contempt & mod of payment of arrear along with OM dated 3rd June 2016 which cleared the doubts of pro rata pension. The format of form pasted by Pr CCA on its site and that may be downloaded by any individual The Pr CCA informed that the process will be conveyed within two days.

New Update ( 06/06/2016 )

As the OM dated 3/6/2016 issued by DOT forwarded by our respectful member Sh Dhayan Singh SDE to the GS PRPA that all pro rata pensioners of BSNL/MTNL are eligible for full pension as per OM dated 6/4/2016 and the same is ordered by Pr CAT Delhi on the hearing of contempt of PRPA.

New Update ( 4/6/2016 )

Congratulations , the order of the court for payment of the arrear of modifed parity within time frame reached to Pr CCA Delhi & Maharashtra circle through DOT. This is the first victory of PRPA and has been celebrated by distributing sweets among staff & family members by the pro rata pensioners of MTNL on receipt of the arrear. There is no doubt, some of the pro rata pensioners of MTNL have not contributed in this struggle of PRPA but they will get the benefit.It is proved that the constitutional struggle in the court faces the problem but in case you are legally right, you get the result in favour of you.

It is also requested to the members of the PRPA who live in Mumbai that please go to ” MAHA LAXMI and SIDDHI VINAYAK TEMPLE” on behalf of Gen.Secy. PRPA to pray for thanks & help in the further struggle. It is also requested to Sh.R.Srinivasan lives in Chennai that he may go to “TIRUPATI Temple” for thanks on behalf of PRPA.

Now the PRPA goes forward for its valuable validate updated members who contributed for achieving the target to get the second spell IDA pension paid by DOT to other Absorbee who counted the past service for qualifying pensionable service on completion of ten years service in MTNL, transfer CPF to GPF, Incremental benefit on modify parity ( if not paid in arrear), Arrears of Dearness Pension from 1/4/2004 to 31/12/2005, CGHS facility revised on a corresponding CDA on last pay of IDA scale on superannuation, to file the case of change of option for those who have not completed ten years qualifying pensionable service in both spell of service ( these are 30 to 40 officials and the PRPA is with them to fight in court till to achieve option to change for them). It is confirmed that they will get the justice.

The PRPA is opposed to the attitude to drop the full parity of seventh pay commission recomendation by the DOPT in the JCM as conveyed by the cabinet secy. on the ground the data is not available. But the data of pro rata pensioners of DOT is available who retired from 5th CPC. The GS PRPA is writing the letter to Secy. DOPT to oppose against the financial loss to the pensioners which achieved after twenty years struggle.