New Update ( 4/6/2016 )

Congratulations , the order of the court for payment of the arrear of modifed parity within time frame reached to Pr CCA Delhi & Maharashtra circle through DOT. This is the first victory of PRPA and has been celebrated by distributing sweets among staff & family members by the pro rata pensioners of MTNL on receipt of the arrear. There is no doubt, some of the pro rata pensioners of MTNL have not contributed in this struggle of PRPA but they will get the benefit.It is proved that the constitutional struggle in the court faces the problem but in case you are legally right, you get the result in favour of you.

It is also requested to the members of the PRPA who live in Mumbai that please go to ” MAHA LAXMI and SIDDHI VINAYAK TEMPLE” on behalf of Gen.Secy. PRPA to pray for thanks & help in the further struggle. It is also requested to Sh.R.Srinivasan lives in Chennai that he may go to “TIRUPATI Temple” for thanks on behalf of PRPA.

Now the PRPA goes forward for its valuable validate updated members who contributed for achieving the target to get the second spell IDA pension paid by DOT to other Absorbee who counted the past service for qualifying pensionable service on completion of ten years service in MTNL, transfer CPF to GPF, Incremental benefit on modify parity ( if not paid in arrear), Arrears of Dearness Pension from 1/4/2004 to 31/12/2005, CGHS facility revised on a corresponding CDA on last pay of IDA scale on superannuation, to file the case of change of option for those who have not completed ten years qualifying pensionable service in both spell of service ( these are 30 to 40 officials and the PRPA is with them to fight in court till to achieve option to change for them). It is confirmed that they will get the justice.

The PRPA is opposed to the attitude to drop the full parity of seventh pay commission recomendation by the DOPT in the JCM as conveyed by the cabinet secy. on the ground the data is not available. But the data of pro rata pensioners of DOT is available who retired from 5th CPC. The GS PRPA is writing the letter to Secy. DOPT to oppose against the financial loss to the pensioners which achieved after twenty years struggle.

9 thoughts on “New Update ( 4/6/2016 )

  1. Thanks for the efforts and information made available to all prorata pensioners. We would like to know the orders passed by the PrCAT and further endorsed by PrCCA Delhi for release of payments as the same are not available in DoT website.

    • sir,it is court proceeding and not required to put on website. It is confirmed by counsel. As per my knowledge ,you retired and request to come in Pr CAT Delhi to attend the date on 7th july 2016 of second spell IDA pension, 13th july for GPF case, 14th july for contempt for evidence.

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