New Update (23/6/2016)

It is confirmed , the payment of modify parity is forwarded to the concerned bank by the Pr CCA Delhi and CCA Mumbai along with intimation letter served to the pensioner also. The remaining pensioners may submit their documents the concerned CCA for fast payment. The members of PRPA are requested to complete the process for further course of legal action and list of members may be finalised for court submission. Further in all the cases, only members of the PRPA will be the petitioner. The PRPA shall not be answerable for those who are not validate updated till 31st March, 2016 member of PRPA.

9 thoughts on “New Update (23/6/2016)

  1. Mr. Sunilji, many many thanks for your effort. Also pl takeup with concerned department for full parity, i.e. 50% of last pay and then multiply by 2.26.
    As per the Inasu case judgement, the pay of pre-2006 should be fixed notionionally as per the fitment table and then pension is to be worked out which will be compared to the 50% of corresponding PB with GP. Out of two whichever higher is to be fixed on 1/1/2006. Govt has completed the job partially by allowing only 50% of corresponding PB plus GP, without comparing the pension based on the notional fixation.
    If required finally we can file a case for this.

    • Sir,it is first priority to fix in the corresponding scale in the 6th CPC since 1/1/2006 in place of multiplication factor,means herewith first for modify parity. Thereafter, as received the modify parity,PRPA will file the RA in the same case without loosing limitation for full parity , bacause direction already given by Delhi High Court and same is upheld by the Supreme court.

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