New Update(24/7/2016)

As asked by the DOT & MTNL , one more copy of reply will be submitted & hand over in the court by the counsel of PRPA to the respondent on dated 25th July 2016.

The GS, PRPA is leading the cases on the basis of rule and regulation with constitutional provisions which require loyalty & stay in the case whether the number of members is low.

The basic members of PRPA who have not completed ten years service in both spell of service, it is assured that the PRPA will lead their case in the court for change of option on the ground of amendment in rule 37A from the retrospective date. No other will be entertained except the members whether the number is five only. No doubt the govt assured but not done till date.

New Update ( 21/7/2016 )

The last opportunity is given by Pr CAT­ Delhi in contempt case for arrear payment up to 20th September 2016 and listed on the same date.

All the pro­rata pensioners are entitled the following five revision in pro­rata pension.

1. Modify parity revision since 1st Jan 2006 as per 6th CPC report.

2. Full parity revision ( last pay drawn ) since 1st jan 2006 as per 6th CPC report ordered by Hon.High Court ­Delhi and same is upheld by Hon.Supreme Court.

3. Modify parity revision since 1st jan 2016 as per 7th CPC report, accepted report by cabinet.

4. Full parity revision since 1st jan 2016 as per 7th CPC report, represented by all unions & association to the cabinet committee.

5. Dearness pension revision since 1/4/2004 to 31/12/2005 as per 5th CPC report and same is ordered by Ministry of Finance.

Thereafter, they are entitled for second spell IDA pension with commutation on super annuation retirement on the completion of qualifying pensionable service of ten years. Since 1/1/2017, the amount of EPF and commutation of IDA pension will be same. Mean herewith, nothing will be returned on getting of second spell IDA pension. It is requested to all pro­rata pensioners on retirement from MTNL , it may kindly deposit the received EPF in the monthly income scheme of ministry of finance in Post office or PNB or SBI for fill up the gap of last pension and for financial security in the old age.

Those who did not contribute in the case of modify parity but benefited , may donate to old age home or CRY or cancer society for the moral satisfaction.

Requested to all validate updated members of PRPA only may pray to GOD in any form that the PRPA must succeed in the case of second spell IDA pension with constitutional right.

New Update ( 16/7/2016 )

The GPF case is listed on 25th July 2016. The contempt case is listed on 20th July 2016. The bench has given the last opportunity to make payment within two months. The sanction letters are being delivered by the Pr CCA to concerned bank cppc for further revised pension on modify parity basis.

All pro­rata pensioners who are not the members of PRPA, may not inquire any type of case status of the PRPA. The members of the PRPA are able to bear the expenses of the cases in the courts and others are not be worried for this.

New Update ( 6/7/2016 )

  1. The case of second spell IDA pension is relisted on 8th July 2016 due to declaration of holiday on 7th July 2016 for “Eid”. As discussed with Senior counsel, the case will be prayed for double bench.
  2. The DA is applicable on pension since the date of absorption as per the verdict of court and provision of the constitution of India. This case is also discussed with counsels and decided to proceed on individual basis.
  3. The list of applicant is posted on the site of Pr CCA-DOT, Delhi.

New Update (1/7/2016)

The process of payment of modify parity is going on . The PRPA loaded the copy of case on DA applicable on pro­rata pension. Any of the pro­rata pensioner may file the case on individual basis and no combined case will be filed by the PRPA on the issue of DA. The RA for full parity will be filed only for retained members upto 31/3/2016. It is requested to all who are not member of PRPA or not continued the membership, may please not to enquire any status of cases.

All pro­rata pensioners of BSNL or any other ministry, have to contact Sunil Kr Sharma (9868578844) for their grievances and for the formation of separate association to file the cases in Pr CAT­Delhi,Delhi High Court,Supreme Court to cover the all India employees.

All the pro­rata pensioners may apply for revision of CGHS facility on the last pay drawn. To get second spell IDA pension from DOT for the validated & updated members of PRPA is a constitutional right.