New Update(24/7/2016)

As asked by the DOT & MTNL , one more copy of reply will be submitted & hand over in the court by the counsel of PRPA to the respondent on dated 25th July 2016.

The GS, PRPA is leading the cases on the basis of rule and regulation with constitutional provisions which require loyalty & stay in the case whether the number of members is low.

The basic members of PRPA who have not completed ten years service in both spell of service, it is assured that the PRPA will lead their case in the court for change of option on the ground of amendment in rule 37A from the retrospective date. No other will be entertained except the members whether the number is five only. No doubt the govt assured but not done till date.

2 thoughts on “New Update(24/7/2016)

  1. Sir; Asper the latest order pre2006 pensioners will get pension 50% of basic pay at the time of retirement and grade pays asper their length of service .?By delinking 33yrs for full pension ?

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