New Update(16/8/2016)

­It is informed to all validate updated members only whose modified parity is not done from 3500 to 3665 ,may informed to Sh.V.K.Sharma on 9868136686.

­No further new case will be filed on the plateform of PRPA as decided by the executive committee of PRPA held on 14th august,2016.

­GS­PRPA is visiting to Mumbai on dated 24 & 25 august,2016 and all validate updated members may discuss the future line of action.

­Due to non response of those members, who are not completing the ten years qualifying service for pension on both spell of service of DOT & MTNL, the contibution on account of membership & legal charges given to PRPA will be refunded to them by cheque very soon.

­All validate updated members are requested to deposit the membership upto 31st march of every year to Sh.V.K.Sharma(9868136686) to retain the part of legal proceedings of PRPA in the Hon. High court and Hon. Supreme court and be unite.

New Update(12/8/2016)

It is established that the efforts done in correct direction on individual or group basis in the court of law, may get achievement. But the people , who get this benefit without any type of contribution, treat this group effort as foolish. Starting from today

Now, this individual or group  decided to effort in court on individual or group basis under the leadership of Sh Sunil Kumar Sharma only.

No further pleading under the umbrella of PRPA.

In the case of second spell IDA pension & GPF case, the list of validate updated membership is being submitted to the court and every efforts will be induced for members only. The door of PRPA will be shut down after resolving these two cases.

The PRPA is not availing any type of facility from the management like other union or association. The pro­rata pensioners absorbed in MTNL are neglected employee in the mind of union or association. Despite, the majority of these pro­rata pensioners support to these union or association and opposed to PRPA.

New Update(5/8/16)

Please note the unique number is pensioners number mentioned just after PPO number in the sanctioned letter for the arrear of modify parity issued by the CCA concerned.

It is requested to those who are not validate update member of PRPA, may not dial or inquire about the status of cases. They may go to court with their own choices or option of counsel and not to disturb the PRPA executives & members. The PRPA is not pleading the DA on pro­rata pension case and it is individual efforts whosoever is interested. The PRPA is committed to its validate update members only.

New Update(4/8/2016)

1. Earlier informed to all validate updated members of PRPA, the process of full parity has started to file in the Pr CAT­ Delhi after getting arrear payment of modify parity. The list of members will be filed in this case and it is required unique number with aadhar number. Therefore within two months , the validate updated members must collect unique number from their CCA concerned. It is to be provided to the PRPA for including their name in the case of full parity. Those who are not interested, may ignore to provide.

2. The case of DA on Pro rata pension since 1st Nov 1998 or 1st Oct 2000 will be filed on individual basis. Some of pro rata pensioners have started to file on individual basis.

New Update(1/8/2016)

1. The additional affidavit will be filed with all documents which established our case of GPF in the court and next date is 15th September 2016.

2. The next date of second spell IDA pension is 19th sept 2016.

3. The next date of DP case is listed on 8th august 2016.

4. The available fund is reserved in the bank for pleading the above cases up to the supreme court.

5. The case of full parity (increment) is being prepared for the members of PRPA to file in the court and requires the additional contribution as decided by the executive body. Those validate updated members, who are interested to join this new OA(in place of RA), has to deposit additional contribution including membership up to 31st march,2017. In case not interested, then only membership of one year (2016­­-17)is to be deposited.

6. The amount of arrear of modify parity is started to come in the account of pro­rata pensioners in Delhi and Mumbai. Now you are out from multification factor and entered in the corresponding scale in 6th CPC and same benefit will be extended in the 7th CPC.