New Update(1/8/2016)

1. The additional affidavit will be filed with all documents which established our case of GPF in the court and next date is 15th September 2016.

2. The next date of second spell IDA pension is 19th sept 2016.

3. The next date of DP case is listed on 8th august 2016.

4. The available fund is reserved in the bank for pleading the above cases up to the supreme court.

5. The case of full parity (increment) is being prepared for the members of PRPA to file in the court and requires the additional contribution as decided by the executive body. Those validate updated members, who are interested to join this new OA(in place of RA), has to deposit additional contribution including membership up to 31st march,2017. In case not interested, then only membership of one year (2016­­-17)is to be deposited.

6. The amount of arrear of modify parity is started to come in the account of pro­rata pensioners in Delhi and Mumbai. Now you are out from multification factor and entered in the corresponding scale in 6th CPC and same benefit will be extended in the 7th CPC.

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