New Update(4/8/2016)

1. Earlier informed to all validate updated members of PRPA, the process of full parity has started to file in the Pr CAT­ Delhi after getting arrear payment of modify parity. The list of members will be filed in this case and it is required unique number with aadhar number. Therefore within two months , the validate updated members must collect unique number from their CCA concerned. It is to be provided to the PRPA for including their name in the case of full parity. Those who are not interested, may ignore to provide.

2. The case of DA on Pro rata pension since 1st Nov 1998 or 1st Oct 2000 will be filed on individual basis. Some of pro rata pensioners have started to file on individual basis.

6 thoughts on “New Update(4/8/2016)

  1. How much contribution is needed.? Who will collect it and how many days are given for the purpose? May I help the organization in any way ,Kindly let me know .

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