New Update(12/8/2016)

It is established that the efforts done in correct direction on individual or group basis in the court of law, may get achievement. But the people , who get this benefit without any type of contribution, treat this group effort as foolish. Starting from today

Now, this individual or group  decided to effort in court on individual or group basis under the leadership of Sh Sunil Kumar Sharma only.

No further pleading under the umbrella of PRPA.

In the case of second spell IDA pension & GPF case, the list of validate updated membership is being submitted to the court and every efforts will be induced for members only. The door of PRPA will be shut down after resolving these two cases.

The PRPA is not availing any type of facility from the management like other union or association. The pro­rata pensioners absorbed in MTNL are neglected employee in the mind of union or association. Despite, the majority of these pro­rata pensioners support to these union or association and opposed to PRPA.

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