New Update(16/8/2016)

­It is informed to all validate updated members only whose modified parity is not done from 3500 to 3665 ,may informed to Sh.V.K.Sharma on 9868136686.

­No further new case will be filed on the plateform of PRPA as decided by the executive committee of PRPA held on 14th august,2016.

­GS­PRPA is visiting to Mumbai on dated 24 & 25 august,2016 and all validate updated members may discuss the future line of action.

­Due to non response of those members, who are not completing the ten years qualifying service for pension on both spell of service of DOT & MTNL, the contibution on account of membership & legal charges given to PRPA will be refunded to them by cheque very soon.

­All validate updated members are requested to deposit the membership upto 31st march of every year to Sh.V.K.Sharma(9868136686) to retain the part of legal proceedings of PRPA in the Hon. High court and Hon. Supreme court and be unite.

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