New Update(05/09/2016)

1. GS, PRPA visited the Mumbai and held the meeting of members. The members honored the the GS on getting the payment of modify parity. GS explained further of action in court on PRPA platform. The case of CGHS category,Full parity since 1/1/2006 and DR on pension since absorption in MTNL will be pleaded by the Associate group of members or individual and process in Delhi has started. All cases will be filed by the Associate group in the last week of September 2016.

2. The validate updated members , who did not recieved the arrear of modify parity, may register his/her name with current reciept number to Sh.V.K.Sharma on mobile 9868136686. The list of these members will be submitted to the Secy. DOT through counsel an same will be submitted to the court on the date of contempt.

3. To maintain the validate updated membership, it is required to deposit the current subscription in time.

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