New Update(7/10/2016)

1. The very important case of Second Spell IDA pension for PSU/MTNL service is listed on dated 7th November, 2016, due to non submission of the scheme on which basis the  pension of IDA paid by the DOT & MTNL. There is discrimination between two absorbee’s, established in the court. The counsel’s of PRPA opposed, argued and established that the absorbee can not be pushed forcefully into the EPF or EPFO-95 scheme. Even on implementation Rule-37A and amendment of Rule-37A on issuing the GOI dated 3/3/2014, the DOT issued the order to BSNL for implementation of superannuation pension scheme in respect of directly recruited employee’s of BSNL on dated 29/9/2016. This also establish ,the argument of PRPA. Only Explanatory Note is to be established , there is adverse effect of the GOI dated 3/3/2014 on the Pro-rata pensioners. The conference of senior counsels and law experts is being organised for all type comments to establish the part of PRPA in the court with strong arguments. This is right time for pro-rata pensioners to unite and follow the direction of GS,PRPA to achieve the object of second spell IDA pension  for PSU/MTNL service with the view of ruling as well as law view.

Please unite and not to follow the movement of any union/association because they resolve their pension issue by using your strength and excluding your case of Pro-rata pensioners. There is some vested interest on the investment of CPF/VPF/EPF and they do not want, the pro-rata pensioners shall come out from EPF Trust and enter to GPF Trust. The matter is sub judice in the court. It is the duty of every Pro-rata pensioners to ask , Why the pro-rata pensioners pushed to EPF in place of forming Pension Trust in MTNL. Even Pension scheme and pension trust is being formed in BSNL and same is being processed in MTNL for directly recruited employee’s of BSNL/MTNL.

Ask to all unions & associations ” the pro-rata pensioners are untouched person of MTNL & BSNL absorbed society.”

Hundreds of widows of pro-rata pensioners are seeking natural justice from Govt. India because they are not getting any paisa from DOT or MTNL on account of pension, despite the 35or more total service in DOT & MTNL performed by their husbands( 12 years service as temporary in DOT + 9 years service as regular service in DOT + 14 years service in MTNL after absorption = total 35 years service) and joined the DOT in the pensionable service. This is the cheating with them after absorption in PSU/MTNL(& opt for IDA pension of PSU/MTNL)by not to deposting the pension contribution to the Pension Fund of MTNL and forcefully pushed to EPF Trust for vested interset in MTNL.

2. The GPF case is listed on 1/11/2016.

3. All the pro-rata pensioners have to join the struggle of PRPA without any if & buts except those who criticize the movement of PRPA without base & under the pressure of few unions & associations.

Wishes best to achieve all rights which are available for you in law.

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